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A Better Way To Online Advertising, Communication and Collaboration For Companies,
- in the secure way

Unifying experience to your advantage.
Tracead is a online marketingplatform developed to advising marketing consultants, agencies and companies advertising on the internet.
Advertisers who all demanding high expectations to transparency, information and advanced technology.

Secure marketing, is definitely also for minor advertisers.
Tracead have, with the markets highest demands from advertising experts developed a centralized platform, thats easy to use and and work in.
So even smaller one-man-business-companies and people with minor technical skills ca use it right away. (get startet in 10 minutes)
Even those companies should have access to the best tools for controlling the marketing, easy and on a secure level.

Expensive solutions, is past.
It should not be expensive to handle advertising secure, but secure to advertise with any type of budget, small or huge budgets.
That means every company who advertise online can be in on it, also at financial set!
We let i be possible to any advertising company to advertiser themselves SECURE and SAFE.

Reduce internal workflow time with 10,9 % right now. (up to 70,55 %.)

Optimize your online marketing with 16,7 % right now. (up to 61,17 %.)  



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