Spain - Loyalty Manager

Opening Job in Spain

(application deadline April 15, 2016)

About TraceAd:

TraceAd is a 100% objective third party tracking copany. We help small businesses with 3rd party tracking, collaboration and -optimizations technologies, which is achievable for laymen. TraceAd is about the customer, and the benefits they'll achieve, period.

Our customers get a collaboration platform and a 3rd party system developed to small businesses. They'll get simple third party sales-tracking og marketing-optimization technologies which will give our customers achievable methods and measurable results. Methods developed to busy small business owners and their managers who's in lack of time, don't have endless money resources, and don't have the power to spend clueless amounts on scams and fads. Your customers will get more sales and leads, better results while having less technical errors, avoid bad media investments and have fewer manual tasks.


Partner Manager, Strategic Resellers and Referral Partners

As a Partner Manager you'll support our Strategic Partners, Resellers and Referral Partners, develop and build new relatioships with potential partners and strategic sales channels.



- You know tracking.

- You know optimization.

- You are familiar with media attribution analytics.

- You've worked with media buying agencies as a buyer (advertiser).

- You have worked with re-targeting, display networks and affiliates networks.

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