AWS - From a Garage and Problems to a Global Master

From a Garage and Problems to a Global Master ...


Welcome to some great news about TraceAd Analytics. News by July 20, 2015

I'm reaching out to let you know, that we've just finished some of the greatest milestones in TraceAd's history. And this rather big for the eye invisible scalability change is of very significant value to you. 

Huge changes behind the scenes has just been implemented, actually everything behind the scenes is new!

Thank you Logan.

First of all, a huge "thank you" to our Chief Technology Officer Logan Raarup,  the great architect and designer of TraceAd, in general he is a Industry Changer. Logan is also the incredible guy who actually wrote the first line of TraceAd code back in 2005, and now the reengineering mind securing the future growth and scalability of TraceAd, to make sure we meet all the requirements you have relying on TraceAd's services.

And what better than having Logan as the great mind behind all the changes, and from today on having the entire team and best server engineering people in the world from Amazon to work for you. Constantly bettering and innovating everything. That's great!

The New Server Team is BIG Business, and light years ahead of the industry., Dr. Werner Vogels and his entire crew is from today the new team that will secure that your future marketing data is safely managed with TraceAd.

Take a few minutes to watch some of the great announcements or see the whole keynote from the AWS Summit 2015 - New York keynote address by Dr. Werner Vogels, Chief Technology Officer,, to hear about the latest updates and announcements from the AWS Cloud.  

AWS Summit 2015 - New York keynote address 

by Dr. Werner Vogels, Chief Technology Officer,

We learned it the hard way over almost 10 years ...

Some businesses scale up in the people to manage poor expensive infrastructure and more hardware. We did too for almost 10 years, since it was the best option we had, just to face constant challenges and problems relying on people manually updating and securing the servers and backbone for TraceAd. 

From a Garage and Problems to a Global Master ...

The journey has been long, our latest vendor for many years DIR Hosting later bought by TDC Hosting did a very good job for the past 7 years, after they in the early days took over when we in the very first years ran our servers in a small web company hosting our first server in a cooled garage. But time changes, demands grow and we've listened to you, and many other users of TraceAd. TDC Hosting is too small and an unsafe Hosting partner to manage the future for TraceAd and you. That's why we've moved to a Global Master, AWS (Amazon Web Services).

Now we're scaling up in smart infrastructure and lean management so we can create more proprietary technology that helps you in your daily business operations. So we can help you manage your marketing campaigns better, safer and faster.

For years we've had a trust in great people doing manual upscaling and surveillance, now we trust even greater people creating exceptional scalable server solutions, and we've been flirting with them for a few years to manage parts of our backbone.

The final move ...

The great news is, that TraceAd has finally moved its entire business to AWS (Amazon Web Services) and we've just finished the big move, this Friday.

Advertisers and Publishers can now work even better together. 

And even better, the speed of everything has just doubled over night, an optimization that applies globally for all services, making sure that publishers will be able to deliver ads and traffic hosted or tracked by TraceAd even faster no matter where in the world they are located, viwed or clicked.

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an e-mail.

Thanks for using TraceAd, I appreciate it.

Cheers, Martin Mollerup

CEO, TraceAd Analytics

If you're interested in the technical details, here is some of the services in use: 

AWS EC2, AWS Elastic Load Balancing, AWS S3, AWS Glacier, AWS CloudFront, AWS RDS, AWS ElastiCache, AWS VPC, AWS Route 53, AWS IAM, AWS SES, AWS CloudWatch, AWS SNS, MongoDB, MongoLab.

Everything orchestrated by Logan Raarup. Thank you Logan. :-)