Anonymous Unique Individual User-Tracking

Anonymous Unique Individual User-Tracking

Mobile, Desktop, Offline or Online Tracking? Why choose, when you can Identify Unique Users Across Devices and Sites. 

Follow your customer's journey from first and assisting impact, clicks and interactions with your brand across devices using Unique User Identification, and see their path to conversion route, whether they call in to place an order on the phone, checks out through your website or walks through your physical stores and purchase stuff in your retail locations. Even interactions on the new Amazon's Dash Button can become a part of your Path To Conversion.

Aggregating Power of Independence

This is your own independent Unique User Identification Tracking, aggregating all channels, socials plugins and single media cross device tracking data such as offered by Facebook, Google and other big media channels. 

If you'd like, it's even possible to track conversions on products sold in other shops than your own outlets so you can see how customers interact with your brand in supermarkets, restaurants and other retail chains.