Cross Device Tracking - Unique Individual User ID

Independent Cross Device Tracking

Cookie Tracking is (was) the most common tracking and ROI measurement option for advertisers. Although cookie tracking is telling you a lot about your campaigns and media spendings, you will caused by simple technical facts miss out a lot of important and costly insight when users interacts with your business from different devices such as their office laptop, iPhone and home computer ...

If you have a unique user coming to your site from an ad shown on Media-X at his laptop at work and then later comes back to your website from his home computer or phone and interacts with your business, like buying something in your webshop, signs up to something or just visits your site again, you'll not be able to track his behavior or path to conversion by connecting the dots from the ad shown on media Media-X earlier with the standard tracking methods from cookies we're all used to use for tracking. Simply because tracking a single device, is only tracking what happens on that single device.

Even that device has difficulties if the users has different browsers in use. And the cookie tracking can't measure when users shift between devices, which gives some serious insight issues for advertisers since 67% of people shift between devices during their "path to conversion journey". 

Welcome to "Unique Individual User Tracking"

Unique Individual User Tracking also referred to as Cross Device Tracking is about identifying unique individuals or users across devices, browsers and places, and not about tracking IP addresses or screens. 

That's why you've come to the right place, because Unique Individual User Tracking or "Cross Device Tracking" is now possible. You can now get even more insights about your investments, path-to-conversion and the beaviour of unique individuals interacting with your business. Which means you can allocate your mediabudgets better than the traditional cookie tracking media attribution lets you. Say hello to TraceAd's Independent Cross Device Tracking.

Unique Individual User Tracking for Advertisers is available, which means you can track the effect of each media channel even better meanwhile tracking the path to conversion across devices, too. Cross Device tracking is available for small businesses and advertisers, and is doable without the need of expensive consultants or media buying agencies. Do you wanna know more, sign up below and get real life results and insights.

Help all your external technologies, partners, agencies and affiliates, too.

You will even help all the great media technologies you're working with and make sure that they'll get notified too. Which means, that Affiliate Networks, Re-Targeting, Media Agencies, RTB Providers and other external media technologies involved in your campaigns can track sales cross devices, although they only have or use the traditional cookie tracking. That's awesome!

Get started now, get in contact with your TraceAd Account Manager or sign up to get started with your new Independent Cross Device Tracking.