Ad Viewability - Viewable Impressions?

Ad Viewability - Viewable Impressions?

"Guaranteed Viewable Ads", "Inview Guarantee" and "Viewable Ad Impressions Guaranteed Time Slots" 

Yeahhh, you've heard it too! 

The trend is here, the only true fact is, that you've been viewing these guarantees for inview ads, and that is almost the single greatest guarantee you've got! But how do you really know if your ads actually has been viewable to the audience? 

Validate it, and not only fall for the new media fad because everyone is using it as a unique selling point to get your money. 

 If you really wanna see the real facts, analyze it.

 Lots of bots and fraudsters still know how to trick you, DSP's, Programmatic Media Buying Platforms savvy Media Traffickers and Media Buying Agencies.

We don't care about IAB standards and MRC Viewable Ad Impressions Measurement Guidelines about 50% technical views! We care about you and your money, and we do nothing else than tell you about the real facts so you can make the right decisions based on your own judgement. 

Try it out for free, see the facts about your ads and make your own decisions about all the inview guarantees made to you. 

We don't gurantee nothing about inview, we just tell you the facts! Though, we wanna give 100% Satisfaction Guarantee about using our awesome and simple tools to validate your media buying. - View the facts before you make any decisions!