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"We've saved about $60,000 in only 6 weeks"

Most of what you read on the internet tells you that running merchant/advertiser accounts on multiple networks can't be done reliably, or can only be done under great financial risk. 

3 months ago I would have told you the same thing; that running multiple networks on the same cart ran a huge risk of double commissions. The only option to avoid said double commissions was to manually reconcile every transaction or lead against every network you're listed on, and that simply isn't scaleable. 

I stumbled across TraceAd when looking for a solution to multiple network reporting, as I was forced to merge international carts for an accounting integration. Not only did I find a solution to my problem, I found the opportunity to break the glass ceiling on my Affiliate Program. 

I've been an Affiliate Manager since 2008, and I've been teaching seminars on effective eCommerce since 2011. TraceAd is, from an infrastructure standpoint, the single greatest discovery I've made in my career. 

With TraceAd I can easily configure all five of my affiliate networks for last-click-sale, which is to say that only the affiliate who sent the click that made the sale will earn commission, regardless of network. As a result of this, I've made my clients immeasurably more faithful in affiliate traffic, and I'm on-boarding new affiliate networks left and right. 

I'm set to double my affiliate revenue in the next 3 months, with a program almost 5 years old. 

What's more? Since implementing tracead we've saved about $60,000 in double commissions, in only 6 weeks.

Kyle Murphy

Director, Affiliate Marketing & Global Commerce

MPowRx Health and Wellness Products 2012 Inc.

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