Developer FREE Tag Management

TraceAd's all new SiteTag - Is your new Developer Free Tag Manager!

What Apple does to make complicated stuff simple and usable for ordinary non-savvy people, is what TraceAd's new SiteTag will do for any savvy or non-savvy marketing manager. The New SiteTag is letting ordinary people manage and collaborate with the entire marketing industry without delays and with no need of developers. TraceAd SiteTag is Developer Free.

Collaborate with all the media partners and cool technologies you love! 

You just make your decisions, and then you just start executing on your marketing ideas and collaborations with a few clicks. You can start new joint ventures, add existing media partners to your marketing mix, use all the powerful new marketing technologies you love and take yourself smoothly through all complicated tracking stuff with a few clicks in just a few minutes. Yes, even the stuff you think is frustrating to deal with and what makes your developers frustrated each time you need their help, you can now do entirely on your own, in just ten minutes or less.

Your developers is going to love you, for not bothering them anymore.

Collaborate with all the partners you want, and begin the collaboration with all those who is waiting "to the day" your tech guys have time and resources to implement stuff. Start to do business with all great media partners and advertising technologies you've wanted to do business with in months maybe even years, now in just a few minutes!

This is amazing news for everyone involved in a campaign! 

Breakthrough technology to help you manage tracking in your business. TraceAd has just released its newest "SiteTag" eliminating the need of developers, IT departments and web agencies' involvement in adding tracking to your website. This is the industrys most intuitive way to setup up tracking and it puts known Tag Manager tools back to the stone age. Even TraceAd is outbated with this new automation technology on steroids.

How awesome, we even outbeated ourselves!

The biggest reason why many great collaborations between advertisers and media technologies never starts and the industry leading cause in lost sales and delaying flaws, which puts days, weeks and even months of waiting time between a good idea and a campaign launch, is the implementation of tracking scripts and pixels plus the exchange of data between all parties. You can put an end to this right now using TraceAd's new SiteTag.

Even your tech guys is troubled to implement it, and yes big giants offering Tag Manager solutions need technical help to be implemented and managed, and you have to be savvy to manage it too.

It's history - say hello to the all new SiteTag from TraceAd. It cuts off days and months of waiting time to launch the stuff needed to run your sales and marketing activities properly, secured and smoothly. Even a kid can manage to connect a website up to communicate with any type of media and share the data and information needed by the many awesome media technologies the industry offers.

No more excuses to start any type of campaign! TraceAd SiteTag lets you plug into the entire marketing industry and do business on your own terms, instantly!




TraceAd SiteTag is 3 easy steps and you're all set to do business with others.