Affiliate Tracking: Can I track sales as an affiliate?


"Can I track sales in affiliate networks as an affiliate?"

"Hi TraceAd,

Can I track sales and leads from external websites?

As affiliate partner to many affiliate networks and as a Ad Network working for at lot of advertisers directly too. 

I run various campaigns across a many different affiliate networks giving me a hard time to track sales and conversions especially when I do business with advertisers directly. Many though have an referral program software like Infusionsoft, other a home-made internal referral login and other just report manually to me based on Google Analytics UTM tracking, where I get an e-mail every month with the numbers I can invoice them accordingly.

I know you're only working with advertisers, but is there a possibility than I track these sales using TraceAd?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards, Marc"


"Yes you can track sales and conversions as an affiliate ...!"

"Hi Marc,

Yes, you'll be able to get an advertiser account and track all the scenarios mentioned. You'll be able to track sales, leads and conversions from external websites, affiliate networks, ad networks and advertisers directly.

Important, TraceAd is not an Affiliate Network, so you'll have to make all deals on your own, the good things is then that you can collaborate with everyone, TraceAd is an open platform letting you collaborate with anyone you want, hence with all people, businesses, agencies, networks or other technology.

Affiliate Pixel Tracking.

Affiliate Conversion tracking is just as important for the affiliates as for the advertiser or the affiliate network. If you're running campaigns in many different networks you'll have the same issue as many advertisers have on the other end when they advertise through many affiliate networks.

TraceAd is a third party tracking software providing anyone with a objective third party tracking solution. 

We have many customers from the publisher side just as you, for the exact same reason as you ask.

They run a mix of many direct advertisers and campaigns from lots of affiliate networks, where they need a single login to track, follow and optimize their inventory.

TraceAd even function as third party tracking supplier for many affiliate networks working together though they have their own tracking software, but need a third party to collaborate and to be objective between their own technologies.

So the answer is yes. You can solve this by using TraceAd, just sign up for an Advertiser account and we'll help you customize your account to fit your needs.

It will take you 3 clicks to either create subadvertiser accounts to your direct advertisers or you can quickly create pixel tracking or scripts for both advertisers and ad networks such as tracking pixels, postback / callbakc URL tracking, API tracking, Server to Server tracking and even Cross Device Tracking eventhough your advertisers or affiliate network partners can't track cross devices yet."

More info about Cross Device Tracking: