Affiliate Marketing: Does affiliate marketing cater to B2B?


"Does affiliate marketing cater to B2B?"

" Hi TraceAd,

 A large portion of our customers are business to consumer companies, does affiliate marketing cater to B2B as well?

If so, can you give me some examples? 

Thanks Alex"


"It dpends ...!"

"Hi Alex,

Great question, and there is no right or wrong answer to it.

Though B2B is a tough one, it can become successful in whatever communication channel used, all depending on the company's product, USP's, appearance and persuasion capabilities.

Adding a option like "affliate or performance marketing" to the mix, a B2B company could actually benefit and increase the chances of getting better success with any media channel used, affiliate networks included, caused by the endorsements from happy customers, leading back to first mentioned critical elements of moving anything to anyone. 

It's fine line of successful execution of any communication. And if that skill lacks, no-one is there to be attracted, interested, willing to test, buy and pay or even endorse the product to anyone. Though the need is there, they'll basically go other places where it's convenient to shop, sign up or buy the stuff needed.

An affiliate campaign is neither better or worse than any other campaign, it solely depends on lots of variables like mentioned above.

If whatever "idea" sold sucks at persuasion of the receiver of the message positively, any channel will fail, even the best product or idea created will lack the reach of market and its success of getting sales, or even a glimpse of response.

Difficulties will occur for this BTB company selling accounting software 

While this BTB company selling the same product is more appealing to anyone  

Put these two B2B Offers in front of anyone, chances are that the latter will be chosen, whether or not there is any advertising at all or if advertised through expensive display ads (pay per impression), targeted google adwords (pay per click) or affiliate marketing (pay per sale). The market is there and the US alone have 30 million businesses with need of that product.

If comparing B2B against one of the most selling B2C industries "Traveling", these two companies underlie exactly the same rules of success. vs and there is a big difference in their level of success. 

Where, if you compare a B2B vs a B2C, the B2B company will definitely have the greatest chances for success in the following match: vs 

And this B2B company, was basically build up from the ground by affiliate marketing to a multi million dollar company:

So, it simply depends ... :-)

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