Affiliate Tracking: Can I track my JV campaigns?

Main Question:

"Can I track all my Joint Venture (JV) campaigns and Joint Venture activities?"


Leading Question #1:

 "We've created a strategic partner product sold on a shared campaign-website (microsite) with another company. Is it possible to track and share the results between us?"

Leading Question #2:

"We've just been acquired by another company. We have separate eCommerce platforms, webshops, BI systems (business intelligence) and different Web Analytics platforms, our parent company relies on Adobe Analytics in their shop, and we have Google Analytics in our shop. But our main issue is, that many product-purchases on our website will be completed in our sister company eCommerce backend outside our platform, which gives us problems with affiliate tracking, our affiliate agreements and our turnover measurements on shared sales completed across our platforms. Is it possible to track it when we're using TraceAd?"

Leading Question #3: 

"We are a Travel Agency, and have partnered with a company offering loans, so our visitors can apply for loans on the more expensive travel offers we have. Each month we're relying on how many applications is referred by a monthly statement from the loan company. But we want to see real-time statistics in how many loans we refer to them. Is it possible with your tracking tool?"


"Yes, yes and yes!

- Joint Venture activities, regardless of constellation, size, complexity or simplicity can be a strong campaign activity. But some times, it can give important insight challenges, but only for some businesses. Fortunately for you, we have a quick solution to it.

TraceAd JV Tracking will help you solve this in a few seconds.

Partnering up with other businesses in order to give customers more value in a single purchase, or increase customer engagement in a audience is helpful. Joint Ventures often generates advantages for both companies when going together in a temporary or ongoing Joint Venture.

When entering into a Joint Venture, it's only the common activity each JV partner want to share with the other part. Regular business and other activities is still private, and should be private.

It also applies, when it comes to sharing the shared investments, returns on investments, results gained and the profits earned in the activities executed for both parties. Whether it's you having a JV partner, several JV partners. You're being the JV partner for a another business, or if you're just running JV partnered campaign-activities together.

Your TraceAd Account is perfectly suited for running any type of Joint Venture campaign or partnership for longer periods or even single Joint Ventures for shorter periods at a time.

You and your JV partner can create a shared account. You can invite your partner and their entire team into your account with limited access to your shared activities. Or you can get access to their account with limited access - in order for both partners to share only the shared campaigns, ROI metrics, activities and outcomes.

TraceAd JV Tracking, can also be used among corporations with several platforms or when referring to others companies where you want to measure actions like conversions, sales leads or other stuff completed on other websites than your own website. If you sell others products, have links to many other products, applications, newsletters etc, you will be able to track those activities, too."

Want to know more, please get in touch with us and we'll help you set it up in a matter of few seconds.

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