Ad Networks: Can I track the actual referral sources?


"Can I track the actual referral sources?"

"Can I track the actual referral sources? - We often buy campaigns in closed display networks and affiliate networks. Can I track the actual sites and referrals when they click on ads or buys something?"


"Yes, you can!"

Often you'll buy campaigns from respectable bigger media houses. Other times you'll buy campaigns from closed affiliate networks or closed display networks. "Closed Networks" meaning; You know the vendor, but you don't know the sites where they display your campaigns or where they'll get all your sales from.

Either way, it can benefit you to dig behind the scenes, and all the hidden sources will surprise you.

Catch Google Adwords Cannibalism, too.

Often we see advertisers being exposed for cannibalism on their own Adwords campaigns when running campaigns in closed ad networks, this applies to both affiliate and display networks, and especially when you buy through Media Buying Agencies or through Programmatic Media Buying Platforms (DSP's). 

TraceAd Catch Hidden Sources can help you catch these actions in just a few seconds by tagging hidden actual sources in real-time. When clicking on a Adwords Ad, you will instantly be able to see who is behind your own ad. You can see if it's either your own Adwords campaign or a Adwords campaign bought by an affiliate, both inside TraceAd, in your web analytics account and even in your own CRM systems. 

Catch Spam Traffic and Spam Impressions.

This applies mostly when you are buying ads in closed display or affiliate networks, and when you buy targeted campaigns to specific predicted user behavioral groups or targeted users. TraceAd helps advertisers to identify when a campaign is delivered on spectacular websites, and sites withaudiences, having no match of the bought targeted groups.

Often you'll buy expensive targeted campaigns, while they behind the scenes is being delivered in the cheapest residual media inventory other networks can't sell. We call it "spam traffic", and you can catch these acts while saving yourself for huge scams, fraudulent actions and big financial losses."


"How do I catch them?"

Use "Catch Hidden Sources" when booking your campaigns, you can print it directly to your orders "offline" as well as online and you'll be able to tag it directly in your e- commerce or CRM system, Web Analytics or other resources you use."