Offline: Can I Track My Offline Ads?


"Can I track my offline campaigns?

We often get this question from both our clients, Insider Circle Members, agencies and others who are not on board yet.


"Yes, you can!

We do it ourselves as a software company, track offline ads. It's not so often we run offline campaigns as many of our clients do, but we have great experiences in doing so. Back in 2010 we had a JV marketing campaign with some other marketing companies and a bigger danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten for a Marketkng Award called "Ad Talent".

We ran a mix of printed ads in newspapers and online ads. The thing that surprised us the most, was that we actually achieved the highest response and greatest conversion rates from the printed ads in this case.

Not all our printed ads converted as intended, but our full-page ads in the newspapers gave us some impressing results. It was not the amount of responses, but the conversion rate from "visit" from the printed ads, to how many who "signed up" on the campaign site which was extraordinary impressive.

We got a lot of traffic from the online ads, and about 30% of the conversions had also been exposed to our online ads, but converted by actions from the printed ads as the last impact in the media attribution metrics.

It was quite fun to mess around with Cross Media Measurements. And I think, that us online people at TraceAd had the most fun, since print as a channel was out of our normal league of measuring offline ads at the time. We do offline tracking more often now, and on every offline channel we use.

Our new simple QR Code Builder which automatically include QR Code Tracking to your campaigns, is becoming more popular in regard to add offline channels into the Path to Conversion Attribution, but you'll have more options to track your offline ads and offline investements with TraceAd.

But more important for us, we gained very important knowledge in doing so. And you can get those extremely valuable marketing metrics in your media mix, too.

Try to mix one of your next campaigns with some of your offline and online ads, maybe the organic part as well. You'll get a new picture of what works, not works and what channels that works combined. Combining offline tracking with your online metrics is priceless knowledge.

It's also a great tool to get a more nuanced picture of how effective all your single campaigns actual are, like Re-Targeting, Affiliate, Google Adwords etc. etc.

You'll be surprised! And many advertisers captures more insight and info which saves them for future error investments and losses in both single channels and several cross media channels at a time.

Try it, test it, then test it again ..."