QR Code Generator

QR Code Generator + Advanced QR Code Tracking


QR Codes (Quick Response Code) is often used in sales and marketing activities. And like many other marketing initiatives, will most advertisers use single tools to create them, which also means that the simple statistic and reporting happens away from all the other metrics in their marketing mix.

When using QR codes, it's just as important to run Media Attribution, Path To Conversion and Cross Device Tracking as it is for all your other marketing activities. It doesn't run as an isolated activity, and should therefore be included accordingly to a unified cross channel and cross device tracking.

QR Codes is a great way to track offline campaigns where you can track OOH Advertising such a Billboards and Adshells. Even your company fleet of cars and other moving ads on busses, trains and even airplanes can be included in your real-time media attribution.

QR Codes is also a way to track Printed Ads in Newspapers, Magazines, Books and Flyers. 

If you use QR Codes on your products, you can also use it to track interactions from users in the supermarket, at the dining table and elsewhere where your QR code is used and where you wanna connect it with your other bought media and make it a path to conversion viewable in real-time.

TraceAd QR Generator automatically generates QR Codes in seconds and keeps them in place with all your ads where you need both the QR codes, the QR Code Generator and not least, all the statistics included in a advanced mix of all your other media investments.

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