Path To Conversion


Path To Conversion Tracking and Attribution Analytics with TraceAd FootSteps

Path To Conversion or Attribution Analytics isn't new buzzwords nor the new kid in the classroom.

But the difference in how you use the information and data gained from Path To Conversion tracking and Attribution Analytics, is crucial.

Path To Conversion appeals much hype in the media industry. And if managed properly, you'll achieve amazing results with your money spent on media, which will help you achieve far better outcomes on most media investments, and remarkable better conversions in your overall marketing mix.

But, if managed poorly or with lack of the many important metrics which most people overlook, you'll lose lots of money! All the while you will end up investing most of your ad-dollars improperly, based on wrongly analyzed metrics.

Though everyone knows that Media Buying Agencies and Marketing Gurus use their buzzwords all the time, preaches you about it, and prosper quite well on highly paid commissions, then there is bad news for the majority of all advertisers. 

The sad truth is, that most media buying agencies and gurus still execute improper attribution modeling while they simultaneously scares you with the worst scenarios and boohoo stories on how to do it wrong, and that there is only one way to do it right, "their way", just to claim that they are the only ones capable of doing it for you.

Don't be fooled, there is many right ways, and it is all depending on a lot of nuances based on your unique constellation and business model, not theirs!

The good news is, that this discipline no longer have the need of analytic gurus, buzzwords consultants, media agencies or big awkward unaffordable enterprise tools in order to be tracked nor to be utilized for the ordinary laymen or people having lots of other concerns, than being a fulltime-rocket-science-analytics-geek. This crucial optimization is now accessible and affordable for even the smallest startups, small budgets and minor companies running on limited financials.

TraceAd's Path To Conversion tool called "FootSteps" gives you insight without the need of those gurus who confuses you with endless bullshit-nonsense and indistinct reports. 

Using TraceAd FootSteps, you'll have instant access to all your the key facts when you need it, enabling you to take the right decisions, when needed. Intuitively accessible without collecting, merging nor aggregating data manually across countless systems, pdfs reports, excel sheets or other stuff sent to you by others and their fancy layouts and data sheets unmatchable with anything else.

This is real tracking, real behaviour paths, real time data in real situations to real people, who need real raw insight and real results executed in real time.

Get in control, get more sales and put an end to a lot of bad investments caused by lack of knowledge and hidden agendas caused by others.

** TraceAd is 100% third party, giving you control instantly. **

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