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Everything as usual, just faster campaign collaboration!

TraceAd is not a Media Network or Affiliate Network. TraceAd operates exclusively as a collaboration platform and third party between Advertisers and all their media and collaborators who's executing their client's campaigns. Any deal with a advertiser who's booking campaigns through TraceAd, is and will always be a deal between you and your customer.

All agreements, financial and legal matters is between you and the customer. 


We're only here to speed up the technical process.

Your registration is 100% free. You can unsubscribe at any time. You will receive new customer inquiries and campaign briefings from potential customers, advertisers and agencies. All legal and financial agreements between you and the clients, is irrelevant to TraceAd Analytics. TraceAd will only work as a technical collaboration platform and 3rd party tracking supplier between the client and your ad network. You will receive offers and news from TraceAd related to the collaboration between advertisers and ad networks.