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More, which means focus on the "s" that's missing in program, and more focus on the "s" which occurs in "programs". Many advertisers have a single affiliate program through a single affiliate network, but should have several affiliate programs executed through many affiliate networks in a "Master Afilliate Program". If you do not have a Master Affiliate Program through many various affiliate networks, you'll lose business, which means losing a lot of business and a lot of money to your competitors.

This applies to you regardless of your expertise level in affiliate marketing. This applies to you if your are a beginner in the affiliate world, this applies to you if you just started launching your first affiliate campaigns, and especially also for you, if you represent a company that's running a "big" affiliate setup. Many advertisers think they run a "big" successful affiliate program, unfortunately, with great disappointment since they actually limits themselves having the wanted success.


Affiliate Marketing can be a great sales channel, and for many advertisers it is.

But most advertisers execute a great mistake in their approach to successful using affiliate marketing as one of their big sales channels.

To illustrate this mistake, we'll need you to remove all thoughts about affiliate marketing as referred to in online marketing. Let's take two of the most known brands such as Coca Cola and McDonalds. No matter where you go in the world, you can get a Coca Cola or a Mc-something, they are everywhere, they take advantage of the great global demand - and you should too. Also applies to fulfill a local or national market share. Even in old movies where a person gets lost in the desert far far away, you'll be exposed to beverage supply machines with a Coca Cola logo. They are available in any location anywhere. It's part of their success, availability.  

When dealing with affiliate marketing in the first place, you should be available, too. You should be available in each affiliate channel who reaches your potential customers everywhere you operate, or is capable of delivering the stuff you sell. This is being available to your marketplace, and any possible customer out there.

In doing the opposite is like saying no to business, and no to customers.

If you do limit yourself where there is possible business. Why don't you limit yourself even more, by canceling every third sale or more from already paying customers? It's the same scenario.

Let's imagine removing Coca Cola from all minor supermarkets in each of their markets, only to sell their bubble water through the largest supermarket chain in each country. What would happend, they'll lose a great deal of business, and a great deal of money. Then, would you do that? Is this a wise decision?

No, because their availability is a part of their success, it's a part of their great deal of market share, the local, national and global market share. 

Limited availability is simply not an option.


If you were selling Coca Cola, and the second largest supermarket in a country called you asking for selling your bubbled water with caramel, would you then say to this buyer;  "Yes Mr. Chain Store Buyer, please call your competitor (the biggest supermarket in that specific market or country), and they will supply you with my bubbles" ... 

Would you limit your sales, to only one chain of supermarkets?

What would be the difference for you in selling your caramel water through all chains vs one chain?

Your answer to this question would, and should be the same answer as to your affiliate marketing. One program or several programs? Whether you operate locally, nationally or globally.

If you are selling a great product, and the second largest affiliate network in a country called you asking for selling your super-duper products, would you then say to this affiliate network;  "Yes Mr. Affiliate Sales Person, please call your competitor (the biggest affiliate network in that specific country), and they will give you access to the promotions through their own affiliate program" ... 

Many advertisers try this approach, and fail with it. They cut of great opportunities to get more sales, they leave business of to their competitors, they loose a great deal of money. Would you do that?


Are you available? 

Is your affiliate promotions available for business and customers or are you limiting your market share? Are you limiting yourself to get more success, more customers and more money?

You have the choice to either succeed with your affiliate marketing or to limit your self in achieving greater results, gaining more business and see more money coming your way. 


Your choice - you're either losing or winning! 

What's your choice? - being among the 5 percent who's having greater results, or being among the 95 percent who's letting customers, business and money go off to their competitors?

"It don't work for me, I waste my time with several affiliate networks".

What I often also hears is; "we have worked with several affiliate networks that don't deliver more than 1-5 sales each month, and sometimes 0 sales. It's waste of time working with them" many says, or is it?

What most advertisers forget is, that they often will get millions of impressions and thousands of visits from each of those affiliate networks and their herd of media owners, which costs them nothing. No sales, no commission. And among those many impressions and many visits (potential buyers) they have maybe hundreds or thousands of potential buyers visiting thier business, and many new sales coming in from all these assisting impacts and visits, they got for FREE.

It's campaign traffic that would cost them several thousands other places, and they won't have it for free, even though they could risk losing many of the sales when they remove the affiliate networks, that helps them getting sales by assisting impacts and visits on a continueing basis. Last click is not the only thing that matters when measuring and attributing media effect.


Many advertisers don't want to impact people for free, seed their brand value, and don't want to be exposed for potential buyers, for FREE. 

As if, the only right way to get assisting sales impacts, is to pay for it. 1,500 assisting sales impacts for 50,000 bucks is OK, but 1,500 assisting sales impacts for free, naahhh, it's not good enough.


"I have tried it, and we only got new problems with paying for the same sale to several affiliates and affiliate networks".

You're absolutely right, it's a big issue, many advertisers have de-duplication problems and are paying for the same sale to many affiliate networks each month. Which often costs advertisers thousands to hundreds of thousands each month. But by limiting your self for more sales by this minor de-duplication problem by managing your affiliate networks improperly, you are making some great great mistakes.

The money you spend on a de-duplication tool is a small percentage of the sales and even the buttom line profits you'll gain having the proper tools in place, and the vastly higher turnover and profit. Way to many advertisers see tools as expenses, instead of profitable investments that gives them vastly higher returns. It's a simple profit calculation.


Affiliate Management.

The time to manage 1 affiliate network vs. 50 affiliate networks can be huge, that's why TraceAd MasterAffiliates is designed to manage countless numbers of affiliate networks and affiliate programs through several local affiliate software platforms around the world. TraceAd MasterAffiliates gives you a universal management without the risk involved, and without all the time consuming tasks that follows. 

With TraceAd MasterAffiliates, you can utilize and gain the advantage of all the unique, great and individual affiliate network platforms and technologies out there. 

You no longer have limitations to start new campaigns, try new networks and all the smart new technologies and networks popping up all the time, It gives you freedom to start new partnerships in minutes.

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