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What makes TraceAd different from competitors?

"It is of the utmost importance to me, that TraceAd doesn't  have any commercial marketing interests of their own.

If they. Like i.e. Tradedoubler were market players, and also offered tracking systems in general, the experiences we/I have had since learning to use the TraceAd system advantageously, would mean I never would/could trust them entirely.

Being a "real" third party enhances their trustworthyness and credibility enormously. Today I can honestly say, that I will never again work with a tracking bureau, where we also had commercial interests in form of affiliate or display deals.

Should we ever choose to leave TraceAd, and go elsewhere ( I sincerely can't imagine why that would ever happen..), i.e Tradedoubler or AdAction, this would mean, that I/we excluded ourselves from striking any commercial deal with that network. Should I/we choose to track with Google Analytics, I/we would have to buy the big package in order to get reliable, live numbers - and at this moment, that would be significantly more expensive than TraceAd.

Furthermore, but very important; I/we would loose the sparring, "free" advises you always get when people communicate, not to speak of "that little extra" that you can't really define, but you know you get it..

And that is, in so many words, what makes TraceAd different from its competitors - credibility!"

- Bjørn Andersen, DTF Travel



Before We Used TraceAd ...

- We paid thousand upon thousand in fees for de-duplications, and almost certainly also for sales that never should have been accredited to an affiliate/partner. Either because they were using improber methods such as redirecting, hidden text-links at the bottom of a webpage or other. Once we learned to use TraceAd properly, not only the facts/numbers available to you in the system, but also through talks and discussions with TraceAd employees -that is when the importance of close campaign monitoring was truly revealed to us.

- Bjørn Andersen, DTF Travel