Avoid Online Media Scam

Insider Message for TraceAd Clients!


Avoid weekend and holiday scams in your marketing!

In the next 5 minutes, We are going to reveal a overlooked issue, a everyday problem that can cost you up to hundreds of thousands in losses, wether you have that kind of money or not! And if you are a small business owner, it could set you in personal debt and close your business.

If you are working with affiliate marketing, affiliate networks, or have in mind running any affiliate activities in your online marketing, now or in the near future, this crucial insight can save you from several thousand to hundreds of thousands in losses .... EACH MONTH. 

We mention affiliate mostly, because we mostly see scams from this kind of media, but more and more often we hear about scams from the explosion of new display media networks and in the overwhelming amount of new smart technologies, strategies and fads appearing in the online marketing industry.

The following content is just as important for you and anyone else running a small business with interest in positive ROMI (Return On Marketing Investment), as it is for the biggest and dumbest advertisers with no budget limitations. No matter what type of media you buy, these problems occurs in affiliate media, in display media, in re-targeting media as in any other of type of advertising fads and new smart campaign technologies available to you in the online advertising industry.


How YOU can avoid long legal processes, headaches, economically fights and directly financial losses

This is about, how YOU can avoid long legal processes, headaches, economically fights and directly financial losses, if you act in time. So don't be fooled by suddenly unbelievable high results from media.

And if you think. "I'm too smart" or "I'm too clever to be fooled". Then you are a fool.

And that we trust you in, confirm you in, and believe you in! We don't doubt your intelligence, what so ever. But don't be a fool.  Let it be up to your competitors and biggest competing advertisers to be fooled. It will actually benefit you in the long run, when others loose their money.

You will be amazed on how creative scammers can be. We catch the most unthinkable scams on a daily basis, and we often see scams occur in weekends and during holidays, especially when it comes to affiliate scam activities. Other media channels is included here as well.

If you have experienced, at any time, that your results in any way has changes rapidly, like "your results" have eaten some over night magic wonder pill, had done some woo-woo, or if you just thought, what the hell happened with that explosion in results. (Such as conversions, sales, leads or clicks). You've probably already been exposed for media scams.

If you don't know about these problems, or if you do know about these problems and just want to avoid them in the future .. This content is for you.


Back in 2008 ... 

- while we were going through a ton of orders for a client, we pretty quickly discovered and identified, that there was 97 orders from one IP address, with a 30 second to 2 minutes window between each order. 

The strange thing was, it was 97 different persons from 11 geographical areas in little Denmark (We know, for someone 400 km is not so far, but impossible for any living individual to reach within 2 minutes or less), but all orders was with valid person names, addresses and phone numbers.

It was 2am at night / early morning, so we couldn't call 'em at the time. When we went through all the orders the following workday, the first thing we did was to randomly call 10 persons from that list of 97 orders, nobody among the 10 people we called first, had ever ordered, shown interest, heard about the offer, seen the offer or seen the ads from our client. 

We then called every single person from that specific list of 97 orders, which all was orders with real peoples names, correctly phone numbers, names and addresses. But, none, literally none. Not a single one of them had ever signed up, shown interest, seen or heard about that offer.

In this case with those 97 REAL-fake-orders, that is 77,600.00 saved money and avoided payments in fraudulent affiliate commission. (77,600.00 in fraud or 97 REAL-fake-orders from one single IP-address). Which turned out to be a single person's conscious actions, a single affiliate website owner with need of quick money. A person, we quickly got identified, by tracking us down to info about the siteowner within 3 clicks in TraceAd. 

Our client could easily handle the further course of legal questions and objections with the network and the person behind the fraud, with a positive result and without financial losses. This is just one example, where everything looks OK on the surface, in all order-systems, internal systems, the clients automated credit-check systems, address validation tools, website analytics etc. etc. 

But mostly, all the scams is easier to identify, since most scam patterns is visual screaming in your face when running stats in TraceAd. Most scammers forget to, or do not type in valid information, such as 88 88 88 88 phone numbers, unpronounceable names and funny looking e-mail addresses we can't mention here. 

But, hopefully you get the point. 

Our client avoided to pay 341,600.00 in fraudulent affiliate commission the first three months as a TraceAd customer. This is just the savings on the "affiliate scam account".  But for now, this is not about our other customers, it's about you, and how you can avoid being scammed.


How YOU can avoid Affiliate Scams!

Media and people behind are hungry for money, your money and more hungry than ever before. And financially, all media are under pressure of fierce competition, supply and demand, and your decisions and choices.

So, I'm really sorry to say it, but you can't avoid these scams!

No matter who you are, what you do, what you legally agree with the networks and how you try to built circumstances to block it, scams will appear. You will be exposed and it will happen to you one way or the other, it's just a question on how visible it is to you, and how often it will happen.


But, that's why you have TraceAd! We'll catch them for you.

The market will try to outsmart you in any way possible. If "they" can smell your money, they will go after them, and it's quite easy for them most of the times.

And quite frankly, we are just equally surprised as the customer is, each time we help our customers in identifying the high amount of various scams. Yes, we do identify huge scams more often than you could ever imagine.


The best thing you can do, is 


1. Don't accept any external agreement

- without additional terms and conditions, as those we deliver to you as additional guidelines.

2. If you haven't yet conditioned your coorporation with the affiliate network. 

- Then do it as quickly you can, and before it's to late. If you already have the additional agreements accepted by your affiliate network, you are much better suited with bulletproof objections if any scams occurs. 

3. Act quickly when it happens. Claim your objections to the affiliate network instantly.

Often it's not the affiliate network you work with, who cheats you. But some of their affiliates sites or partners. Sometimes, the affiliate network is fully aware of the activities since they own and manage lots of the sites in their network. But they will usually deflect responsibility and blame it further on to one of their partners in the network for the unpleasant events, so they subsequent can keep you as a paying customer in their fold.

4. They know, you have the proper insights, and can prove it in court.

Prove their scam, if it's necessary. And only when it is. 

Contact our support, and we will help you find and pick information you can use as documentation, but mostly they will accept your objections early in the process since you are using TraceAd as a third party. They then know, you have the proper insights, and can prove it in court.

That's all.



Unbelievable conversions is "always good" or is it?  Outrageous sales numbers is "always good", or is it? 

And tons of leads is very very nice to face as the first thing a monday morning! - or is it?

Mostly it is good. But often the there is mening behind. "To Good To Be True"

The answer you'll find in crafty people trying to short-change you, and outsmart your wallet. And you could might be the next victim!

Don't be the next victim.