Avoid being scammed when you buy advertising

Simple invoice management tricks - Avoid being scammed when you pay invoices.

We want to help you in as many areas we can, this includes overlooked problems like the following.

Please take our advise, you'll be surprised one day, or even more often that you would ever imagine.


First, thank you for being our customer!

As an advertiser, you'll need to deal with invoices from one or more media each month. And you probably have around 10 to 20 media, if not many more.

We've seen advertisers being exposed for scams in many different ways, one of those scams is speculative-invoice-confusion. 


They'll try to "shortchange" you. - What means, you'll pay for already invoiced and already paid fractions of your campaigns. In other words:

You have purchased a campaign for 10,000.00 but you end up paying 13,000.00

Recent case, was 9,392.00 first month 3,130.00 the second month, and 5,391.00 the third month. A total over billing of 17,913.00 (which also was paid by the client).

Most commonly we see these scams in the area of total losses around 5,000.00 to 10,000.00 per month, in some cases we've helped advertisers catch scams likes this reaching 150,000.00 on a single campaign.

A BIG PROBLEM - regardless of your budget.

If you are a small business owner, even 2,000.00 each month related to this problem is 24,000.00 each year, which hurts, and it's money for everyone!

If you are handling budgets in bigger scales, you will be exposed for this more frequently - and if that amount ends op with 25,000.00 a month, which we often see, it's a total loss of 300,000.00 on a yearly basis.

Whoever you are, or how arrogant you'll be, any amount scammed, is unacceptable.

 For some publishers, it's fully intended to confuse you, for others, it's "just a mistake".

Either way, let's assume every case is a mistake.                                                               

*Don't let these mistakes parasitoid your budgets*


The Old, Old-School-Archiving-System, but it works! 

We have caught fraud-issues, scams and mistakes from media many times, and here is an old fashion way to solve the problems with invoice scams.

- Never pay up front!

- Pay, and pay only for delivered stuff, down to the cent!

- If they can't deliver in time, pay only for actual monthly delivery. 

- Accept only monthly invoicing, be consistent, constantly, and accept no excuses!

- Check your invoices vs delivery in TraceAd on a monthly basis!

- Make no exceptions of any above-listed rules!

And a strange tool that is 100% old-fashioned. But it works.

Get in possession of the following items:

- One ring binder

- Monthly index tabs. Buy them prefabricated or design and print your own.                           (last option is preferred.) Write us a support@trcaead.net to get your free example.

- One box of ring-binder-pockets, transparent (side open)

- Monthly statistics on each media from TraceAd. (print them)


Your Monthly Process:

#1 Use a ring-binder yearly, quaterly or even monthly.                                                      depending on your amount of media, agencies, networks and/or other collaborators.

#2 Seperate the next 12 months with monthly index tabs.

#3 Each month, print a monthly report for each publisher showing your actual mediaspend.

#4 Put each monthly statement in seperate transparent ring binder pockets (side open)      

 (15 media partners one month = 15 printed reports = 15 ring binder pockets.)

#5 When you recieve your invoices, take a copy of each after you've paid that specific media invoice, when holding the stamp "PAID" and the date of payment, archive it.

#6 Archive exact that copy in your new media-invoice system.                                                       (not a copy without your "PAID" stamps, only archive paid invoices)

One day, you'll be surprised!

And you'll be happy that this old fashion manual system will save you a great deal of money. 

Let us know when you caught the first mistake, and this system has helped you.

Mail us at support@tracead.net

Unfortunately, we can't develop software or a new algorithm for this manual task.

It's up to you to do something about it!

Being a TraceAd customer removes 99% of your risk, the last 1% by checking invoices against the statistics in TraceAd is you responsibility!