TraceAd Third Party Technologies

TraceAd third party sales and marketing technologies

Third party collaboration and -marketing technologies for small businesses


About TraceAd

TraceAd is only about you, and the benefits you'll achieve, period.

You'll get a collaboration platform and a system developed to small businesses.

You'll get simple third party sales-tracking og marketing-optimization technologies that will give you achievable methods and measurable results. Methods developed to busy small business owners and their managers who's in lack of time, don't have endless money resources, and don't have the power to spend clueless amounts on scams and fads. You'll let it be up to all others, to waste their money.

You'll get more sales and leads, get better results, have less technical errors, avoid bad media investments and have fewer manual tasks. You and your team will have more time to get important stuff done at the office, so there is time to get home from work to be together with your families, play golf or do other pleasent things.


About YOU

If you want key account managers in suits and tie, arriving in big fancy cars for several sales meetings just to find the right products, and the "must have" annual maintenance meetings, listen to their future unpronounceable strategies, have long term projects meetings and months of implementing their enterprise marketing platforms so expensive that you have to buy them in chunks. Just to get better results, better insight in your online investments and to take the right decisions for making more money online ...

- Our simple collaboration and optimization tool is not for you!

But if you mostly just want your online activities to run smoothly, get better results, want instantly higher conversions, have easier collaboration with all people involved in your marketing activites and simply just want to get things done fast and simple, so you can get home from work in time, knowing that your not behind.

- Then this tool is for you, you'll get access to the technology that lets you do just that.