TraceAd Analytics Privacy Policy 2011


TraceAd Analytics Privacy Policy.


TraceAd use cookies to coordinate and manage when ads can appear on various websites, measure impressions, traffic and conversions.


TraceAd cookies can be used to collect traffic data, general media behavior and effect from online campaigns across publishers.


TraceAd stores no data about the individuals' behavior on the Internet. TraceAd can´t read or store personal information about users, computers, devices or other sensitive personal information.


Advertisers who use TraceAd, log references when an internet user performs active and confirmed acts on the advertiser's websites. And exclusively in connection with purchases and orders which have been made and accepted by the user. This information is logged solely to the advertiser's use of technical system communication between the advertiser's e-commerce systems and the advertiser's CRM systems.


TraceAd use cookies based on general traffic. In case of ad impressions on social media websites, publishers and websites with a personal login or other platforms that store or use personal information about users, the user continue to be privately secured in relation to TraceAd.


TraceAd is unable to either read, store, use or capture any of this sensitive information.


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