Affiliate De-Duplication - What is affiliate de-duplication?

Affiliate De-Duplication


What is "Affiliate De-Duplication"?

The term de-duplication refers generally to removing duplicate information.

In affiliate marketing, de-duplication refers to "the elimination of duplicate registrations of the same user-action", such as the acquisition of leads or sales. Affiliate de-duplication removes your affiliate partners ability to register the same sale or user-action simultaneously.


The misunderstanding about affiliate de-duplication

Many advertisers think that de-duplication is about duplicate orders or leads, registration of the same sale twice in their own internal system.

It's a big and expensive misconception, and here's why; de-duplication is a single sale or lead which are recorded only once, but simultaneously and independently in several external systems, in each of your affiliate networks own tracking systems. This issue means, that you will be charged for the same sale or lead from several affiliate networks. Don't feel safe if you are king in CRM management, it's a totally different issue we are addressing here! 

It happens when a user after a completed action on your website gets the confirmation page loaded. At the confirmation page, all your affiliate network tracking pixels and scripts will be loaded, and that's here all the shit happens for most advertisers! 

If the user who just completed a purchase or a lead registration at your website, and before this purchase has been influenced by your ads through multiple affiliate networks, either as an ad-impression or a click on one of your ads within the agreed cookie time, all the affiliate networks that have been involved in the impact process of this user, will all register the sale, and also will claim affiliate commission for that sale.


Verify all tracking pixels/scripts and payments in real-time with your own de-duplication tool TraceAd.

De-duplication helps you to verify and ascribe your sales and leads to the correct affiliate networks, based on conditions agreed with your affiliate networks.

Affiliate de-duplication determine which tracking code that will be displayed to the user, when the user completes an action on your website, it ensures that only one affiliate network is allowed to measure and track the respective sale or lead. Most often it's agreed to be the affiliate network which has the last customer impact, either in the form of the last ad-exposure or the last click at one of your ads.

This means, that both you and the affiliate network will see the same number of sales or leads when you do the monthly commission statements.


Benefits of de-duplication

With de-duplication, you can increase the number of affiliate networks, in order for you to increase your sales.

With de-duplication you'll get an easier and more seamless collaboration with all your affiliate networks.

With de-duplication, you'll ensure that you only pay commission for sales and leads to one affiliate network. (last referring)

With de-duplication, you'll ensure that all your affiliate network will have less administration related to the cooperation with you. And they'll love you for it!

With de-duplication, you'll ensure that you too get less administration in the cooperation with all your affiliate networks.