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TraceAd DNA - Conversion optimized ads for advertisers who want to sell more 


Real-time behavioral customized ad optimization will certainly sell more of your offerings 

The right messages in your advertising materials will certainly sell more of your offerings. How do you know which advertising messages are right, and is there a formula to it? Yes, and it's pretty simple, it's the marketing messages which the audience responds to, it's the marketing messages that affect the audience to become customers in your business! 

And no, even though most companies and media agencies use the number of clicks as success criteria for a good campaign, you can not validate the impact of your advertising messages based on how many clicks your ads receive. Be aware that the click-tracking alone is not a valid basis for campaign impact measurement when you need to optimize your campaigns. Unless you want to lose money ... 


Do you know what messages in your ads that provide the highest ROI? 

Maybe you can guess it from experience, market trends, reports, statistics and old analytical results. Maybe a marketing guru or optimization specialist can bury you in a lot of testing and analytical work, or sell you a lot of hours for online optimization. But will the ad optimization based on guesswork and historical data, increase your online sales? 


Stop the guesswork and show the ads that works ... 

Forget history, it's the past. Optimize your campaigns in real time and take advantage of the advertising that works and sells, right now. Right now while your campaign is running and while your ads are exposed to the public in the media and on your website. Right now, where potential customers are exposed to your ads. Right now where you want them to buy your products - and not tomorrow when it's too late. 


TraceAd DNA gives you effective ad optimization in real-time with a "YES" 

With a "YES" and a single click in TraceAd DNA, you can give your ads and campaigns, an intelligent life. An ad's effectiveness depends on the people who see the ad, the effect is not influenced by you or by those who manufacture or design your ads. It also means a lot in which environment your ads appear, and on what media they are exposed. 

A single ad can have up to several hundred unique ad placements when your campaign goes online. Ad placements TraceAd DNA will identify as a unique life of each ad and each ad-life has its own ad-DNA. Regardless of where your ads appear on the network, each ad has a unique audience participation and a truly unique conversion rate. 

The best conversion rate on a banner in one place is the best conversion rate at that banner on the unique ad placement, and therefore not many other places. TraceAd DNA optimize your campaigns in real time so you can achieve far more conversions for the same ad budget. 


Average optimization across media is easy, but it's too expensive. 

Use TraceAd DNA and get higher ROI on all your online campaigns, order right away and get started today. You have an up to 30-day satisfaction guarantee.




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