Affiliate Coordinator

Affiliate Program Management with Your Own Affiliate Coordinator


Coordinate your Affiliate Campaigns and Affiliate Programs successfully.

TraceAd Affiliate Coordinator is your own personal assistant working for you on autopilot 24 hours a day non stop, it's a smarter and easier way for you than the traditional and manual Affiliate Program Management services offered, also known as OPM.

TraceAd Affiliate Coordinator is a powerful but simple tool controlled by you in order to coordinate all your affiliate campaigns directly or with those who's managing your affiliate marketing such as Affiliate Program Management providers and Media Buying Agencies.

Since TraceAd first edition developed back in 2005, our primarily purpose has always been, and still is to address and solve two of the most critical challenges in the affiliate marketing industry, namely the advertisers double commission payout issues, meaning that you are paying commission for the same sale to several affiliate networks (solved with our automated affiliate-de-duplication tools), and the industry's growing problem with affiliate scams such as manipulated statistics, cookie stuffing, fake leads and fake orders, which most merchants, hardcore online advertisers and marketing gurus still pays huge sums for each month.

The average portion of error assigned and overpaid commission is between 30% to 45%. Equal to 30,000 to 45,000 too much each time you pay 100,000 in affiliate commission.

The team behind TraceAd Analytics worked back then in 2001 as consultants for a "hardcore-in-online-marketing" Airline Company and a Magazine Publisher. Companies where online marketing and especially affiliate networks was their main sales and marketing channel, and our headache in managing their affiliates.

A marketing channel where the problem with fake leads and double or triple payments for the same referred sale to multiple affiliate networks happened on a uncontrollable way, and already back then was escalating in a rapid pace. A problem that still occurs for most advertisers, and still is unsolved for many businesses, webshops, merchants but also for most of all the marketing gurus and media buying agencies claiming to solve it for you.


TraceAd is designed to Affiliate Coordination, Affiliate Tracking and Affiliate Collaboration.

Since the market couldn't offer any decent tools to these problems, we went to the drawing board ourselves in order to design the necessary tools. Tools that could solve our own challenges and problems with affiliate marketing. But more importantly solve our customers problems with affiliate marketing. Since then, TraceAd Analytics has been a market leader in affiliate tracking, affiliate de-duplication, affiliate program management and affiliate coordination.

TraceAd Affiliate Coordinator is the primary tool and flagship product from TraceAd Analytics. Affiliate management and tracking is also one of the areas where we are in front of the entire industry with development of tools, and will continue to be innovative in the development of how you work and navigate with affiliate networks, and how you safely achieve the best results with any of your affiliate related business activities.




Why should you use TraceAd to Coordinate and Collaborate with all your Affiliates?

- You will get the most effective affiliate de-duplication tool.

- You will get an easier and more effective collaboration with all affiliate networks.

- You can react before it's too late, when affiliates try to scam you, or manipulate your affiliate campaigns.

- You will avoid paying out commission for the same sale/lead to multiple affiliate networks.

- You will quickly and simply get advanced de-duplication control of all your affiliate networks.

- The usual workflow with affiliate networks are too expensive, complicated and time consuming.

- You will automatically get a higher return on your investment in affiliate marketing.

- You don't need to change any of your existing affiliate agreements.

- You don't have to spend time on any new strategy, expensive consultants or agencies.

- You can colloborate instantly with all the affiliate networks available globally and in any market with just a few clicks.


How Do You Get Started with TraceAd Affiliate Coordinator?

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