TraceAd Campaign Optimizer

TraceAd Campaign Optimizer


Optimize your online campaigns with a "YES".

TraceAd Campaign Optimizer is the industry's fastest and simplest way to increase conversions on your online campaigns. With a YES you will automatically optimize your campaigns with TraceAd's DNA technology, without having to test or optimize anything manually.

TraceAd DNA is a good insurance for maximum ROI on your investment in online marketing. You should not even be a customer of TraceAd to optimize your campaigns.

Contact TraceAd or give the vendor who sold you the ad campaign, with the message that you want to optimize your campaigns using TraceAd DNA, we'll do the rest directly with your contact.


Why you should not be a customer?

TraceAd Campaign Optimizer works the same way as when you rent a car, or buy a travel insurance which only covers the trip you buy.

You pay for your car from the day you get the keys to handing the keys back the last rental day. When you travel you can purchase a travel insurance that covers the weeks you travel, so you should not pay for the 50 other weeks where you're not traveling.

TraceAd Campaign Optimizer works the same way, when you buy campaigns on the Internet, you pay for TraceAd from the campaign starts until it stops again.


Why choose TraceAd Campaign Optimizer?

Below we have listed 22 reasons why you should say YES to optimize your online campaigns with TraceAd Campaign Optimizer.


1. Live banner optimization.

Test all the ads and marketing messages 24 hours

a day. Ads with the highest ROI will be displayed.


2. Attribution allocation.

Track the impact of all media, allocate and assign

value to each media from their share of impact.


3. Track all conversions.

Measure the real effect of all media by tracking

both Actions and iActions (actions without clicks).


4. Track campaign errors.

Track how many of those who click on ads that

actually get the advertiser's landing page loaded.


5. Quick campaign launch.

Campaign and tracking setup within minutes. Save

a lot of time for the advertiser and the media.


6. Avoid error optimization.

No manual tasks, no old analytics data and no

guesswork. Optimize from live action behavior.


7. Real-time reporting 24/7.

No manual tasks. TraceAd reports similar statistics

for advertisers and media, 24 hours a day.


8. Automatically updated ads.

New ads are automatically updated in the media

without delay from any person, or manual tasks.


9. Free help from other media.

Allows other media to help with ad optimization,

based on cross-media impacts and user behavior.


10. Track ROI, with clicks.

Track Sales, Leads and Conversions from all clicks,

even if the media does not have the last click.


11. Track ROI, without clicks.

Track iSales, iLeads and iConversions from all ad

impressions whether there are clicks on ads or not.

12. Share Googles ad-impact.

Assign actual media value every time Google

Adwords "steals" the last click from the campaign.


13. Discount vs higher ROI?

Discount does not improve campaign or ad results. 

Ad optimization provides up to 300% higher ROI.


14. Get more sales, faster.

Increase the sales with campaign optimization.

Getmore sales and ?win? customers from competitors.


15. Arguments and insight.

Gain insight into the real campaign effect, with

arguments you can sell more to your customers.


16. What causes bad ROI?

Is it always the media traffic? Or, is it too long load

time of landing pages or bad marketing messages?


17. More insight, more sales.

Learn more and sell more with quick campaign

insight and decision support from live data.


18. Split testing with success.

Split test marketing messages, ads, landing pages

and get higher campaign ROI, without extra work.


19. Get more repurchases.

Effective campaigns and happy customers are

arguments for resale and campaign repurchases.


20. Close more open deals.

Offer your customers maximum optimization of

the campaigns they buy, and close more old deals.


21. Instant audience testing.

Run instant product, audience and impact tests

before the launch of big print and television ads.


22. "Get campaigns for FREE".

Run DNA optimized campaigns and get the same

result as 2 or 3 campaigns without optimization.


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