TraceAd Campaign Manager

Coordinate your online marketing successfully


TraceAd is a simple collaborative platform for effective campaign management and behavioral-adapted optimization.

Avoid costly delays, late optimization and large economic losses caused by "doing nothing", at the right time.

Collaborate, optimize and get things done faster with TraceAd Marketing Coordinator.


What is TraceAd?

TraceAd is a tiny TAG that optimize your ad investments, and let you collaborate faster with other people, systems and technologies.


How do I use it?

You don't use it.

Just work the same way as you always have.

No change of collaborators, no extra work, no campaign-tagging. Just faster collaboration including real-time behavioral ad-optimization.


What's the cost?

Self Funding solution. "You pay, but it's free"

Pay-as -you-go when you use it, from $49/month.

I f we cant help you - Just cancel without fees.

If you're happy - Just use it and pay.


What's the catch?

No catch, no hidden terms, no hidden agenda

no strings attached, and no long-term-contracts.


How do I cancel?

Just cancel at any time and stop the usage.

Shortest termination period - 1 minute.


Why should I use it?

Because the usual process is too expensive, complicated and time consuming.

Because you automatically get a higher return on your marketing investment, without spending time on new strategy consultants, agencies, processes or optimization tasks.


How do I get started?

Just sign up below and start your optimization. 




Have questions before ordering? click here and we will contact you.

Remember you have up to 30 days with 100% satisfaction guarantee before we bill you.

No credit cards, no prepayment, no expensive licenses, and no questions if you are not satisfied.