Online ad tracking

Online ad tracking

Ad tracking is a vital tool to succeed with your online marketing. Without ad tracking you will not know whether your campaigns are effective, whether your campaigns are converting, how your campaigns convert if they actually converts.


I already have tracking ...

Tracking, or "statistics" is part of all the systems you use today, why do you have to use new tracking systems?

With TraceAd Marketing Coordinator you must NOT use the new tracking or web analytics systems. TraceAd Marketing Coordinator coordinates all your ads, and link the systems together as you already use. - Quick and simple.

Tracking is not just tracking, tracking is "money". Tracking is power measurement of your investment in online marketing. Tracking makes the difference on whether you throw your money after a lot of poorly converting campaigns and "collaborators" or, whether you invest your money in activities that give you value and returns.


Marketing measurement for maximum effect

In order to measure the impact of your investment in online marketing, it is not enough to look at the statistics from your web shop or web property provider, that's not enough just to track your campaigns with Google Analytics or your web analytics vendor, it is not enough to let the media agency send excel sheet occasionally, it's not enough to "log on" or receive media statistics, and it's not enough just to track your campaigns.

You must track your ads, you must measure the effectiveness of each ad in each media placement and then optimize your ads based on individual buying behavior, also called "Attribution Management" or "Ad Attribution".


Ad Attribution

With "Ad Attribution" you can measure the effect on cross-media placements and ads. You can measure the effect of all those who click on your ads and those who just see your ads. And you can optimize your ads across your campaigns from a user's influence behavior in other online media, whether they clicked on your ads or not.

If you use your opportunities, you will get much more out of all your ads, and thus also your campaigns. - Without being dependent on others, and without investing too much in bad advertising activities.