Ad Attribution - behavior adapted marketing optimization

Ad Attribution

TraceAd DNA or Ad Attribution is a simple click based add-on tool from TraceAd.

TraceAd DNA is a behavior adapted optimization technology for ad management, message management and real time alignment of consumer impacts.

The actual optimization takes place with live behavioral interpretation for all of your ads in the media, advertising messages on your own website and across media channels. The technology is algorithm-driven and based on what we call "Ad Attribution".

TraceAd retrieves Attribution-values from a variety of unique sources and attribution levels. Data sources that continuously adds new knowledge and behavior information to your ads and marketing messages - this data stream provides unique DNA profiles for all your ads. Hence the name "TraceAd DNA" which is a click-based optimization tool when using TraceAd Marketing Coordinator.

Why is it called Ad Attribution?

The name "Ad Attributon" is a combination of the following 2 points.

The word "Ad":

Ads are advertising in a mass media, on your own website or through other sales channels and a combination of all. The purpose of the ads are influencing consumers and recipients of knowledge, attitudes, perceptions or actions.

Most often used to change attitudes or perception of the company, brand or product with the audience or individual consumers by providing information on products and services or to influence the recipient to interact by converting the user to a lead, a customer or getting the recipient to buy a product here and now.

The word "Attribution":

Attribution related to marketing may be very briefly explained as: Comprehension of ascribing the right media the right value at the right time with the right messages exposed to the right consumers, combined with audience reactions in different environments, driven by internal and external impacts by consciously or unconsciously buying and action behaviors.


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