Affiliate Marketing - Deduplication of affiliate tracking

Affiliate Marketing - Deduplication of affiliate tracking scripts and pixels


Are you also tired of paying affiliate networks twice for the same lead or sale?

Many advertisers pay up to two, three, four or five times for the same customer lead or online sales to several affiliate networks, it happens when a customer orders a product, signs up for a service or buying with credit cards in your shop, and has previously clicked in your offerings through multiple affiliate networks. It's really expensive for you as an advertiser, whether you are aware of the problem or not.

Unfortunately, very few advertisers pay attention to the problem of duplicate payment when they market the business through affiliate networks, and those who are aware of affiliate duplication, often have no opportunity to check the many duplicate sales they get from affiliate networks.


TraceAd Affiliate Coordinator will help you with a fast and safe deduplication.

With TraceAd Afiliate Coordinator, you are guaranteed an easier and more secure collaboration with all the affiliate networks you want to advertise through.

Normally it takes up to three weeks just to get one or two affiliate network agreements up and running, get tracking codes implemented and tested, and then finally getting the campaigns launched in the affiliate network so the media can have your ads online.

If you choose to use TraceAd Affiliate Coordinator, you can start affiliate campaigns through 5, 10 or 20 affiliate network in minutes, all inclusive.

Without taking the time to generate tracking urls, banner codes or to implement tracking scripts and pixels from all affiliate networks. With few clicks you coordinate your campaigns, ads, tracking tags, tracking scripts and connects all vari ables directly in your Web Analytics.


The most common duplication problem in affiliate marketing.

Many advertisers use more than one affiliate network, the problem occurs when a user clicks on ads from multiple networks with in the cookie expiration time. If a user after clicking on advertisements from one, two or three networks before they make an action on your website (acts that trigger payments to affiliate networks), all networks that have supplied click also capture the same sales in their systems.

It is not a duplicate entry in your system, the problem is that several external systems (affiliate networks) individually detects the same sale, at the same time.


TraceAd Attribution Management - helps you to individual duplication rules.

"Last click management" is the most common duplication problem in the affiliate market. We help you with any other affiliate problems and doublet challenges so you can adjust the settings for the various affiliate networks you work with.

In many cases, you also need the ability to assign multiple affiliate networks the same sale, you can also set rules on your Google Adwords clicks or clicks from your own newsletters to activate your affiliate network respective tracking codes, or whether their leads or sale must be sorted out as duplicates.


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