Your ad agency's ability to optimize your ads.

Your ad agency's ability to optimize your ads.


Give your advertising agency real-time insight into how their creative work converts.

Today, advertising agencies are often the last in a series of collaborators who have insight into how their banner material converts, if they ever get feedback on it.


Why should they be restricted in essential knowledge about the outcome of their own work?

After all, the partner is quite important. Your ad agency gotta do the next banner package. Your ad agency is the partner who most need knowledge about what works and does not work in your ads.

With TraceAd Marketing Coordinator, you can give your advertising agency access to follow how their work will convert directly from their own desktop. And with the latest real-time data on impacts, actions, purchasing behavior and conversion rates on each banner creative and banner format.

And if necessary, they can change all the ads in all media, with few clicks. And even without interfering you, your media agency or any media traffic koorinatorer into the task.


Quite simple, quite effective.

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