Ad Optimization

Ad Optimization for advertisers who want to sell more.

Effective ad optimization will sell more of your offerings.

The right ads, offers and messages in your advertising material will sell your products, and more of them. It´s just reality.

Do you know what messages in your ads that work?

Maybe you can guess it from experience, market trends, reports, statistics, analysis results and marketing gurus who will bury you in testing. But will advertising based on historical data and guesswork sell your products?

Stop the guesswork and show the ads that works and sells.

Forget history, it is past. Take the ads and promotions that work and sell right now. Right now while your campaign is running, your ads are online in the media and on your website. Right now when consumers see your ads. Right now when you want them to buy your products. Not tomorrow - but now.

TraceAd DNA gives you instant optimization with one click.

TraceAd give your ads a intelligent life with just one click. An ad?s effectiveness depends on the people who see the ad, in which environment your ad is displayed and on what media, websites or page categories it is exposed.

The same ad can have up to several thousand unique ad placements. Placements TraceAd will identify as a unique life of each ad. And each ad-life has its own ad DNA. Depending on where the ad appears, it is a unique performance for every location.

The best conversion rate on a banner somewhere, is the best conversion rate of one banner on one ad placement, and therefore not everywhere else. Optimize easier, sell more and work less with TraceAd DNA.