Ad Booking is a collaboration

Ad Booking is a collaboration between sender and receiver.

Ad Booking is not only an e-mail with ads and links to your campaign pages. Ad Booking is a collaboration between sender and receiver of variable campaign details and links associated with your ads. An ad booking sent as e-mail will either bury you in administrative repeat tasks and cost you a lot of wasted money on the ad budget.

Ad Booking is not just ads and links.

It is only the beginning of one of your online campaigns, campaigns to advertise your promotions, influence consumers to click on your ads draw traffic to your website, ordering material, become a customer lead and buy your goods. 

It requires constant media planning, evaluation and optimization of your campaigns and the campaign ads displayed on your website and in the media.

Centralized ad booking is the first step for ad optimization.

To optimize your campaigns, the first and most important step is to optimize your campaign messages and ads. Your ads are the first sales message your potential customers will see it is not your website.

And if your ads do not work well enough, you can waste a lot of money and a lot of time to optimize your campaign pages. Campaign pages consumers still never going to see if the ads do not get the audience to click.

Book your campaigns with TraceAd and get more sales at a more convenient way.

TraceAd is not just an "ad booking" tool. TraceAd automatically optimize your campaigns in real time, removing all ads that do not get enough response for the ads that sell your offerings best.

Before, during and after the actual "ad booking" is a series of manual and time consuming tasks. These tasks are part of TraceAd?s booking tool that will save you many hours of work every time you book a campaign.